The Peterborough Paranormal Society

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ghost?

A ghost is the soul of a person that for whatever reason, has decided to stay grounded and not head into 'the white light.' There can be many reasons for this, but the main reasons are revenge (this usually happens with murder victims), the person feels as though they are 'unworthy' of passing through the white light, the person had small children, or in most cases, the person just doesn't realize they are dead.

In scientific terms, a ghost is vibrational energy, but where the energy comes from is under debate, as is the actual existance of ghosts. For me, I would say the energy comes from the actual person when they were alive and somehow that energy can be left behind. I'm not good at explaining this energy theory, because quite frankly, I really don't understand it!

How can someone NOT know they are dead?

Who knows? There is a common belief that ghosts create their own reality. To explain this in simple terms, let's use the Titanic as an example. For those of us who are living, we know that the Titanic is in shambles on the ocean floor. It is a wreck, however, if there are indeed ghosts on that ship, they may very well see the Titanic for what it once was, an amazing, breathtaking ocean liner. For them, the marble floors still exists, as does the staterooms and the ship itself would look as spended as it did in 1912. We see this in many accounts of people who have witnessed a ghost. At the Quaker Oats Factory in Peterborough, people have reported seeing a man walking down the hallways, however, he is only seen from the waist up. When the factory was rebuilt, after the devastating fire in 1916, the floors were higher. So it is believed that when the ghost is seen, he is still walking on the OLD floors and he is probably in HIS reality and not ours.

So you can kind of understand how someone can NOT realize they are dead.  If everything else around them looks intact, then why would there be any reason to believe you are dead? This would especially ring true for people who die suddenly without having a clue that their end was near.


Have you ever seen a ghost?

With my own, but I've caught them in pictures and I have certainly felt their presence!


When a haunted building is torn down, where do the ghosts go?

The answer to this question could fall into the catagory of ghosts creating their own reality. It is commonly believed that ghosts don't see the world the way we do, they are still living in their world so although the building is torn down, to them, it is still standing. Even when another building is built in its place, the ghosts don't see the new building for what it is. They are completely unaware that the building they are in has been torn down and a new one has taken its place. When the building was being built, the ghosts were likely aware of the banging and hammering and may even have been aware of the tools being left behind. This may very well explain why many construction crews have had their tools moved on them after they go home for the night.


Are all ghosts trapped in their own reality?

No, this theory only applies to those who are unaware they are dead. There are however, ghosts that DO KNOW they are in fact dead but remain grounded. These would probably be the ghost who have rejected crossing over to the other side for reasons such as revenge, feeling they are unworthy or have family (such as young children) they want to still take care of.

These are the ghosts who are able to interact with us, also known as an intelligent haunting, although I hate that term. These ghosts are probably not trapped in their own reality and if a building gets torn down, they are aware of it being torn down. These are also the ghosts who get angry when a new family moves into THEIR house. These ghosts are also a bit more easy to get rid of because of the very fact they KNOW they are dead, however, it's convincing them that it's okay to cross over that is a bit more of a challenge.

What does EVP stand for and what is it?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

It is when a voice is picked up on audio that does not belong to anyone on either a ghost hunting team or a home. Basically, it's the voice of a ghost or a spirit.


What are portals?

I know what a portal is, it's explaining it that can get a little tricky.

Basically a portal is a doorway to the spirit world that for whatever reason, is wide open with a sign over top that says 'ALL WELCOME!' Okay, I don't know if that sign exists, but it might as well.

Ouija Boards are the main culprit to how that door can be opened. As well as seances that are not conducted properly.

You have to remember that once that door is opened, spirits can come through, both good and bad and usually it's the bad ones that take an oppourtunity of the open door. A portal can be closed but it's not easy. Therefore, I can not stress enough that when using a Ouija Board or holding a seance to please make yourself knowledgeable and to KNOW what you are doing. Ouija Boards and seances are not a game and should NEVER be treated as such.


Do Bad Ghosts/Spirits Exist?

YES! An angry or bad person becomes an angry or bad ghost. A person who took a thrill in killing people is still going to have those thoughts as a ghost. That is why if you ever have the oppourtunity to explore or investiage an old, abandoned prison to take caution.

Besides bad people becoming ghosts, there is also another kind of phenomenon out there known as Shadow People or Shadow Beings, or Dark Entites, they have several different names.

Basically, where there is good, you're always guaranteed to find bad and Shadow People are the bad guys.

Please read my page 'Shadow People' and 'Ouija Boards=bad news' to read up further on these things.